Wrote a dorky little story for you.

Kendrick Perkins, cephalopod

Photo via my employer

Future remix so good it brought me back to Tumblr

Number of near-wrecks caused by in-car dancing to this song this a.m:


Well I think we can lay the “Best unofficial mixtape art of all time” discussion to rest. via Stereogum’s comment section.

the meanest mug // via Daily Thunder

The most excellent Daily Thunder saw fit to link off to my second post for The Lost Ogle. It’s my musings about ten rap songs with shouts out to the Thunder. Never you mind that it’s really 11 and number nine is actually used twice.

Never has my lifestyle choice to collect vinyl records felt so validated. Thank you George Clinton.

hey I made this

Stepped out of the downtown YMCA at magic hour yesterday.