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Here’s one of my favorite early results from branching out into concert photography. The subject’s name is Ryan Hendrix and he sings and plays guitar for Colourmusic, my favorite Oklahoma band. Check them out.

Photo by me // Canon Rebel T2i

Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing opening for Beach House at Cain’s Ballroom, July 9, 2012

Photo by me // Canon Rebel T2i equipped with a Canon 50mm/1.4

Drove three and a half hours to Dallas to see Japandroids on a school night. Drove home, shuffled into my bed in Oklahoma City at four, woke up at seven and was at my desk at eight. Then I drove to Tulsa to do my Civic Duty because I’m a dummy and forgot to absentee. Rock the vote.

Photo by me // iPhone 4 

Hey Glen. You’re my favorite. More SXSW action at the Flickr. 

Hey Glen. You’re my favorite. 

More SXSW action at the Flickr

New human being I love: Titus Andronicus front man Patrick Stickles. More photos at the Flickr

This Neon Indian guy’s got some killer dance moves.

This Neon Indian guy’s got some killer dance moves.

My favorite photo from two nights’ worth of Flaming Lips/New Year’s Eve insanity, which knocked my internal clock almost completely out of whack. Check the rest at the Flickr

Lil’ Wayne performed in THACKERVILLE, OKLAHOMA last night. This is not a drill.

Photo mine.